Steem Monsters: Strategy Mistakes #3


I often tell them that there are many variables to consider in the Steem Monsters game. It’s not always enough to have more powerful cards.

Today I tell you a recent battle where I play with the splinter of life, are the most powerful cards I have, I was confident that I was going to win the battle, but it was not. My opponent played the earth splinter and combined his cards very well.

I always thought that the combined attack of my two archers was enough to win the battle, that combination has worked for me many times. However my opponent made a good combination of magic cards that managed to overcome the protection of my armor and, as if that was not enough, combined his Flesh Golem with his Wood Numph, the result of those two playing together is heal almost infinite.


My two archers combined managed to hurt him but not enough, the Flesh recharged heal quickly. On the other hand, the combined attack of their monsters with magic was subtracting my possibilities.

In the end everything was lost for me. The worst thing is that if I had played those same cards I would have won the battle because my cards were of a higher level.

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