Steem Monsters: Strategy Mistakes #4


Here I come one more week to tell you about my experiences in battles. I’ve called this series errors of strategy because I think that if another selection had been made from the cards, the result would have been different.

This time I bring you a battle that I did yesterday. My opponent and I use the Life splinter. The condition of the battle was silent summoners, so we weren’t going to get any additional protection. The other condition was low mana, we were 17.

My opponent selected Silvershield Paladin, Divine Healer, and Air Elemental, in that selection he lost a point, because the sum of those cards was 16 mana.

I used almost the same cards, but with a difference, instead of the Air Elemental I used the Peace Bringer that in the level that I have it gives me the same attack of three that the Air Elemental and consumes one less mana. That way I was able to use one more card which was the Cocatrice. That card of difference decided the battle in my favor.

In these conditions the most recommendable thing is to use the tank Cocatrice, that allows to take a blow of advantage, with that blow is enough to be able to win a battle where the differences are small, as it was the case of this one.

I don’t know if my opponent could have won the battle presenting another selection of cards, it could have been that his Peace Bringer didn’t have the level to hit with 3, but when using the Air Elemental he left without using a point and that small point can make the difference between losing or winning a battle.

Thank you for your time.

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