Steem Monsters: Strategy Mistakes #5


Today he told them about a recent battle where it is tested how necessary it is to know which cards we have to level up. The ideal would be that we could raise them all, but now it is very expensive. However, there are cards like the Feral Spirit that are not expensive and give us a good attack.

That’s what happened in this battle. The condition that touched us was Earthquake, with this condition every card that is not a fly card has 2 melee of damage after each round. With this condition it is correct to use the Life splinter, because it gives us an additional shield that protects when the Eartquake occurs.

My opponent and I selected the life splinter and used the same alignment, we both had the same card. But I had two important advantages, my Silvershield Paladin was stronger and my Feral Spirit had a bigger attack.

After the first round the game was already decided, with the additional point of attack that gave me my Feral and with the resistance of my Silvershield was enough to endure each time the fearsome Eartquake arrived.

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